JR At WWE HQ, What Happened After NXT Arrival

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was interviewed for WWE’s Paul Heyman DVD at WWE HQ yesterday. Also NO he is coming back to WWE, he was just there for a DVD shoot.

– The dark match before last night’s WWE NXT Arrival event at Full Sail University was Mason Ryan defeat Sylvester Lefort.

– After Arrival went off the air, according to fan reports. Former WWE champion John Cena entered the ring while new NXT Champion Adrian Neville was celebrating. Cena praised Neville in the match and said the future is bright. One fan was heckling Cena and Cena made a joke about the guy still living with his mom. Neville went up the ramp where Triple H was. Triple H raised Neville’s arm and got another pop for him. Triple H had Neville go back down and around the ring for one more ovation from the crowd. Neville did a moonsault and landed on his feet to celebrate with the title more and end the show.

– Below is the full schedule for today on the WWE Network launch:

1am EST – WWE Superstars – 2/25/2014
2am EST – WWE Main Event – 2/25/2014
3am EST – ECW Hardcore TV – 4/25/1994
4am EST – Beyond The Ring – Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels
6am EST – ECW Hardcore TV – 11/1/1993
6:30am EST – WWE Countdown – Catchphrases
7:30am EST – WrestleMania Rewind – WrestleMania I
8:30am EST – RAW Flashback – 3/7/1993
9:30am EST – RAW Flashback – 3/14/1993
10:30am EST – NXT Arrival
12:30pm EST – WWE Superstars – 2/25/2014
1:30pm EST – WWE Survivor Series 2012
4:30pm EST – This Is NXT – 2/23/2014
5:30pm EST – RAW Backstage Pass – 2/23/2014
6pm EST – Legends of Wrestling – Renegades
7:30pm EST – SmackDown Pre-Show
8pm EST – Legends of Wrestling – Worst Characters
9pm EST – Old School – 4/5/1981 MSG event
10pm EST – SmackDown Backstage Pass
10:30pm EST – ECW Hardcore TV – 11/1/1993
11pm EST – Legends of Wrestling – Worst Characters

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