AJ Styles Breaks Wrestlers Neck With His Finisher + Scott Steiner Note

– Last night, British wrestler, “Lionheart” suffered a broken neck after taking AJ Styles ‘Styles Clash improperly during the main event of a Preston City Wrestling show.

It was described as a scary scene at the end of the show.

The promotion announced via it’s Twitter that an MRI revealed a broken neck and made the following statement,

“We are looking at the best of a bad situation. He does not need surgery and he is sitting upright without a neck brace on. No nerve damage can be seen and hopefully just a clean break. As we said before he has good movement in his arms and legs.”

– According to PWInsider, The Nashville Chancery Court postponed the beginning of the civil lawsuit TNA brought against former TNA star Scott Steiner. It was set to begin this month. The trial is now scheduled to begin on December 8th.

TNA filed a breach of contract and defamation of character suit in 2012 against Steiner. The company claimed his various sundry Twitter rants against Hulk Hogan, Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff, among others, were a violation of his contract. At the time, Steiner claimed he was speaking for the wrestlers who could not and for the good of the fans. Most of those he targeted are no longer employed by TNA.

Steiner then counter-sued, saying that their allegations are unfounded since his TNA deal had expired and he had turned down a new contract. His counter-suit was later dropped.

It is worthy to note that he still has an ongoing separate lawsuit where he alleges he was injured working a TNA live event against an allegedly not in condition to perform Jeff Hardy.

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