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Mick Foley Talks: Vince McMahon, Pain Tolerance, Mr Socko & Much More

Mick Foley did a recent interview with and here are some really good highlights:

How many concussions do you think you’ve had?
“Unfortunately, I had too many for me to count really.”

Have you been approached about donating your brain for study as many NFL players have?
“I have been approached. These are some tough questions here. You see how quickly I did those autographs? We got through a few hundred people fairly quickly. Signing my name on that form to donate my brain took a long time. It’s a big step, but if other people can learn from what I’ve done, I’m willing to do it. I believe as long as I can continue to say the words Boston Center for Traumatic Encephalopathy that my brain is still working OK.”

You must have an enormous tolerance for pain, given this lore about you fighting with a separated shoulder.
“You’ve got to make sure we talk about that in past tense. I did have a tremendous tolerance for pain. Now, not so much. Almost anything [brings me to my knees now]. I’m a guy who used to be fairly fearless. Now, please don’t tell me I have to walk down a flight of steps. [Wrestling] was tough on the body, the knee joints, the back, and so stairs are difficult.”

Which of your wrestling personas did you enjoy most?
“People expect me to choose between Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love. I actually had the most fun when I was The Commissioner Mick Foley. I remember having the argument with Mr. [Vince] McMahon, that despite the fact he claimed he made me, I said my most popular character was me, Commissioner Mick Foley. It didn’t pay the best, but that was when I had the most fun.”

How often does a wrestler have to reinvent himself or herself to sustain a career?
“Oooooh. That’s a key. Not so much an overall reinventing as a constant tweaking. You have to stay one step ahead of the curve. Sometimes you guess wrong, but you’ve got to try.”

From where did the idea for Mr. Socko come ?
“This was a case where Mr. McMahon was in a hospital hooked up to a heart monitor, respirator for a bruised ankle bone, ’cause that’s the way we do things at WWE. I was visiting him and just wanted to have a host of ridiculous gifts and the last thing I did was a sock puppet. I didn’t think I would need to use it, and the birthday party clown was clearly stealing the scene from me. I wouldn’t have that, so I went under the bed crawling on my stomach like one of the marines in the sand and came up with Mr. Socko. The rest is history.”

Have you ever refused to wrestle anyone?
“There was a time when one of my opponents was intoxicated. That’s bad, wouldn’t do it.”

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