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Mick Foley Says His WWE Contract Has Expired

Mick Foley who is a former WWE champion and the hardcore crazy man. Foley has announced on Facebook this weekend his contract with WWE for Saturday Morning Slam has expired and he no longer with the company. The show has not aired since May of 2013 and was canceled after a second season. Here is what the future hall of famer had to say via his Facebook page:

“OK, seriously: I enjoyed having the opportunity to do the show, enjoyed being a regular part of WWE TV for a while, and am grateful that WWE honored the contract for the entire year.


So, with my “Slam” contract completed, I am no longer under contract to WWE, but look forward to working with them in the future. I did an appearance for WWE today at a NY Islanders game, will represent them at a Knicks game this week (pretty sure these are unpaid appearances, although WWE can feel free to surprise me with a little check-a-roonie in the Foley mailbox if they want to) and will continue to represent WWE in a number of community relations appearances in the coming year.”


It’s a shame that WWE will keep him around then fire him. I think he brings a lot to the company and a guy this loyal is not around as much in 2014 than they think. With the new WWE Network, I believe you need to keep a guy like this around.

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