The Usos Win The Tag Team Titles On Raw, CM Punk Mentioned



- The Usos defeated The New Age Outlaws on tonight’s RAW to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Congrats to them and this is their first tag team titles reign while on the main roster. They made their debut in 2010. This was something that was coming sooner than later and it is good to finally see them grab the gold. It looks as if the New Age Outlaws will be going back to their backstage roles from now on. Maybe one or two matches with the Usos, but not getting the titles back for sure.

– The CM Punk chants have been very clearly heard during tonight’s WWE RAW Pre-show on the WWE Network.

Panel host Josh Mathews acknowledged the chants and CM Punk, saying we haven’t heard from Punk in some time. Aside from Vince McMahon commenting on Punk at the most recent investor call, this is the first time WWE had spoken of Punk in public since he walked out.

– WWE Superstars spoilers for tonight:

* Titus O’Neil defeated Zack Ryder with the Clash of the Titus to some jeers. Titus got some cheers during his post-match posing.

* Los Matadores defeated Rybaxel. Goldberg chants start right away followed by more Punk chants. Crowd is largely silent throughout the match. One of Los Matadores rolls up Curtis Axel for the win and then get interviewed by Jerry Lawler.

We will have play-by-play coverage of the show on Thursday. This looks like an ordinary superstars taping and nothing out of the norm for this show.

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