WWE Summerslam To Be At The Staples Center Again + Mark Henry Wants Revenge

– At this weekend’s Los Angeles Kings versus Carolina Hurricanes hockey game in Los Angeles. The arena pushed that WWE SummerSlam tickets would be available at the Staples Center on March 15th. The Kings mascot tried to lead the crowd in a “yes!” chant but it was reported that very few people participated. WWE have been going to the Staples center every year for Summerslam since 2009. I think they should change it up, but hey Los Angeles pays WWE to host their second biggest event of the year there. It has turned into a mini WrestleMania event. Can’t blame them for going there if the money is there on a yearly bases.

Mark Henry said on Twitter that he would be at RAW tonight to get revenge on Jack Swagger and Cesaro after The Real Americans picked up a win over Henry and Big E on SmackDown. You can check out the full results at this link.

He posted the following:

“Arnold classic was awesome! Great hall of fame class. Now back to work, Real American’s (tore their draws with me) I always get revenge!!!”

For those wondering, WWE NXT will continue airing on Hulu for the time being. The entire NXT Arrival event and clips from the show have been added to NXT’s Hulu page. NXT will be airing on Thursday’s on the WWE Network and later that night on Hulu Plus.

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