Why Did CM Punk Not Appear On Raw Last Night?

– Ok so he was wrong about CM Punk, of course CM Punk did not appear on WWE Raw. As we reported over the weekend: Dave Meltzer had stated on Saturday’s episode that “one of the biggest stars in the industry” said that he would be on the show, although he added that he could not confirm 100% that Punk would be there. However now he is saying different.

Meltzer noted that his source called him immediately after RAW and said, “I was lied to.” Meltzer added that it didn’t come from anyone in WWE, and he was told from someone who is a major name in the business that he trusts for the past 20 years. Meltzer said that if it did come from WWE, he would have flat out said that Punk would be there.

Dave Meltzer is the best source in the wrestling business for inside scoop. If he was wrong then he was wrong. But you can’t get any better than him for inside information.

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee has officially passed Eve Torres on the list of combined days as champion. Eve had the title for 260 days over 3 reigns and AJ has now held the title for 261 days with 1 reign. If she gets through tonight’s WWE Smackdown tapings and does not lose the title then she will beat Maryse’s reign of 265 days over 2 reigns.

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