Was CM Punk Ever Included Into Raw Plans? More On The Opener

CM Punk was not at last night’s RAW and was not in the script that they went to air with. So we said that we would have an update on this story and now we do.

One person in WWE creative said on Friday that Punk wasn’t even discussed but didn’t rule out a surprise return. Most people within WWE didn’t know Punk would not be appearing for sure until Monday afternoon.

There was never a script written that included Punk in any way, beyond the few mentions that were made. There were going to be other mentions, by who we don’t know, but those were nixed from the script.

Last night’s RAW opened the way it did because WWE officials felt that if they ignored the Punk situation, the chants would become more powerful as the show went on. The feeling was that if they addressed it at the start of the show, the crowd would settle down some. This is all according to Pwinsider.com.

Reportedly earlier on the site: Dave Meltzer noted that his source called him immediately after RAW and said, “I was lied to.” Meltzer added that it didn’t come from anyone in WWE, and he was told from someone who is a major name in the business that he trusts for the past 20 years. Meltzer said that if it did come from WWE, he would have flat out said that Punk would be there. That is the reason CM Punk did not appear on Raw last night, because he was simply not there.

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