How Many Employees Does WWE Have? More On WWE Main Event

The reason for WWE doing a live episode of Main Event tonight, and possibly through WrestleMania 30, is to test the Network stream with live events, as noted. There continues to be major concern within WWE over how WrestleMania will stream with so many people watching. As reported earlier here on the site, WWE’s contract with Ion reportedly expires on April 2nd and as of a few weeks ago, it was not looking like the deal would be renewed.

There’s also been talk of having Main Event be a WWE Network exclusive. I think that this is no surprise, WWE has not done anything special with Main Event since its debut in 2012. I would not be surprised to see Main Event go to the WWE Network only.

- For those wondering, in a recent filing with the SEC, WWE reveals that they currently have 133 talents on their main and developmental rosters. WWE also has 762 corporate employees. Also WWE is doing an ESPN documentary over the WWE Performance Center. They have interviewed several past WWE superstars and personnel. One of those was WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. Ross was released from WWE last year.

To be honest I really thought there was more than that, maybe they do this is to keep more money to their employees and to have them make more money than they would with say a thousand people or so. WWE is a good company and I am looking forward to their new ESPN documentary.

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