Was The Undertaker Backstage At Raw? JR Gives His Thoughts

– Was the Undertaker at Raw? well despite being added to the advertisements for the show, Undertaker wasn’t backstage at RAW in Chicago. AJ Lee was, but for whatever reason wasn’t used. Also backstage at RAW were NXT stars Aiden English and CJ Parker.

– Here is the good stuff from Jim Ross latest blog:

On fans not hijacking RAW: “Enjoyed many aspects of RAW Monday night. No Punk. No hijacking. The WWE folks steered the course just as I had suggested here and at on my show in NYC Saturday night. Seems like many in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) were pulling for a disruptive show and I’m pleased that did not occur.”

On Paul Heyman’s RAW promo: “Great promo to start the show by Paul Heyman. Heyman has no equal on the mic in today’s business. Who has more animalistic presence than Brock Lesnar? I’ve got your answer….nobody!”

On Daniel Bryan: “Liked that the villains kept the heat turned up on Daniel Bryan who was featured prominently on RAW. So prominently, in fact, that it might actually quiet some vocal fans who, based on some tweets I’ve received @JRsBBQ and some emails here, don’t know as much about building a story line as they would like to believe that they do.”

“I still believe that Daniel Bryan will walk away from WM30 as one of the primary stars of the event in the Super Dome. Don’t bet against DB stealing the show in the Big Easy.”

On CM Punk possibly returning to WWE: “As Steve Austin said on my podcast, the Ross Report, which drops later today and officially on Wednesday, I’d still not rule out CM Punk’s return to WWE in time for a WrestleMania match but my gut feeling is that ship is about to sail. Perhaps it already has.”

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