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WWE Smackdown Spoilers, Wade Barrett News

– Here are spoilers for this week’s WWE Smackdown thanks to a fan live report that is being tweeted by @DavidDouglas88 who is there live in attendance.

* Batista and Kane vs Daniel Bryan and Big show will be in the main event.

* Christian defeats Dolph Ziggler with help from Alberto Del Rio distraction

* The Uso defeats Ryback and Axel

* Natalya and Eva Marie defeats AJ Lee and Tamina. Nattie picks up the win for her team with the sharpshooter on AJ

* Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio with the brogue kick

* Big E defeats Jack Swagger with the big ending

* Main Event: Daniel Bryan and the Big Show defeat Kane and Batista. big Show with Ko punch to Kane and Bryan gets the roll up victory and and big show puts Bryan on his shoulders to end.

This looks to be a solid edition of WWE Smackdown and it continues to not just build story-lines, but highlight what they did on Raw. It seems like WWE is finally on the road to WrestleMania.

According to, there was an idea pitched at one point to have Bad News Barrett come out during WWE Raw last night and do a “bad news” segment on CM Punk who is of course from Chicago. However those plans got changed and Wade Barrett even tweeted on the situation.

Am afraid i got some bad news… i was not featured on Raw!

Fun fact for everyone, Jerry Lawler said on last night’s RAW it has been since May of 2010 since Batista vs. Daniel Bryan faced each other in WWE. Another fun fact is WWE thinks Daniel Bryan is a goat. Have you seen his merchandise? No seriously check it out on

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