Brock Lesnar Upcoming Schedule, WWE To Raise Network Prices?

– Brock Lesnar is official not scheduled to appear at the next two RAW TV tapings according to the live event pages on WWE.com. He is scheduled to appear at the March 24th show in which is in Brooklyn. That show will be the go-home edition of WWE Raw for WrestleMania 30.

He will be taking on the Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. As we reported earlier, Taker will be at ever Raw leading up to the biggest show of the year and one time appearance for a Smackdown taping in March (March 18) in Houston, Texas.

Andrews Take: Lesnar brings something different to the show and he does not have to be there on every show to sell this match. He can only beat down Mark Henry so many times. This build to this match will have some in-point from Paul Heyman doing the talking for Lesnar. Taker is Taker and he will be just fine.

– Brock Lesnar did it again, during the opening segment of tonight’s RAW, one of the monitors that Brock Lesnar threw landed in the crowd and hit someone. Fans sent in that it hit some fans, but no one was injured.

Here is a fan video of the incident:

Andrews Take: Lesnar could have hurt someone in the crowd, but he got luckily and we should all be happy no one got injured. If someone did get hurt then this match could have been scrapped believe it or not.

– Due to a recent survey that was sent out today by WWE, there are rumors already going around that WWE is contemplating raising the price of the WWE Network to $11.99 per month. As of now the Network is only 9.99$ a month with a six month commitment. The survey also asked if fans would still subscribe to the WWE Network if they raised it to $11.99 per month.

Andrews Take: Not even a week more importantly a month after the Network launched they already want to raise prices of the service? I had a feeling that they might raise it down the road to maybe that price or even more, but the timing is right and honestly not good on the part of WWE. If they raise it, of course I would pay for it. But you would have to think that the casual fan would lose interested and cancel it for a higher price. Let’s be honest the Network is for hardcore fans and that is the bottom line.

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