Possible Issues For WWE Plans Involving CM Punk



– As you seen earlier WWE is having a bit of issues with with CM Punk. WWE has made the decision to pull CM Punk from every future events in the marketing materials. Right now the biggest issues is Punk in the several upcoming projects and events for the company. (PWInsider is reporting) One of those projects is the new Flintstones movie that he will be featured in.

Another is Camp WWE online which he has a cartoon part in.

Since Punk left, they are going to put Sin Cara into the role and that is the reason he is being kept around (Sin Cara character)As we rported earlier, the real Sin Cara is gone from WWE and down in Mexico. WWE superstar Hunico is current playing the character on WWE programming.

Sin Cara will be in the Scooby Doo movie that is coming out soon instead of CM Punk.

From what we have heard, CM Punk has no plans of coming back to the WWE and they are making major plans to change future projects involving “The Best in the World”.

Andrews Take: WWE has a real problem on their hands with this hole CM Punk ordeal. If Punk does not come back and i do not think he will, then they have to change all plans that they had leading up until June when his contract runs out.

– There is a new Rhodes family member in the WWE. Current WWE superstar Cody Rhodes posted this on his twitter account:

My cousin @b_ottman learning the timekeeper position, I’m more happy for him than the picture denotes pic.twitter.com/0P695l9JtH

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodesWWE) March 4, 2014


It appears that he is just there for a one time deal or with his family history with the WWE then he might just be the next time keeper for the WWE. As of now, Cody, Goldust, Cody Wife and Dusty Rhodes all work at the WWE.

Andrews Take: Talk about an easy and fun job. Hey i am up for it, where do i sign up?

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