Triple Threat Match At WrestleMania 30?

– Original plans called for the Real Americans to split up and have the two face off in a match at WrestleMania 30. Both Cesaro and Jack swagger have had matches over the past couple of weeks with Big E on Raw and Smackdown. The new idea is to have him be added into the fold and have a three way intercontinental title match instead of a traditional singles match between Cesaro and Swagger.

Andrews Take: I do not want the Real Americans to split, but i would rather see a three way matchup between these guys and have the title on the line rather than a singles match. What do you think? Leave it in the comment area below.

– WWE officials told NXT talent at the most recent TV tapings which was last Friday that the NXT product would be pushed more due to them being on the WWE Network. They have added the show on the Network for Thursday nights. The idea behind NXT is to have more of a pure wrestling product than what you would see on a Raw or Smackdown show. Also since NXT is developmental divisions of WWE, the norm of the brought up process of bring someone from NXT to the main roster would now be a slower process due to the outreach that the WWE Network would give the fans to see the talent in NXT than just seeing them on the main roster. The main selling point is that they would get just as much exposer in NXT as they would on a Raw or Smackdown.

Andrews Take: NXT is a great product and as a fan i would rather see a top talent down in NXT stay in NXT as a top talent then go to the main roster where they would not be used properly. Give it up to WWE that they are finally giving the NXT brand a feature significance in their plans.

The sources for both of these articles are from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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