The Undertaker Added To Smackdown & Other TV Tapings

The Undertaker is coming back home to Smackdown. Ok so without all of the dramatics, He is now scheduled to appear at all upcoming RAW TV tapings that lead up until WrestleMania 30. He also been added to the Smackdown TV taping that are in Houston, Texas on March 18th. For those unaware, he is born in Houston, Texas.

Andrews Take: This is a rare thing for the “Dead man” as he never done other appearances other than Raw. He did one last year for Smackdown where the Shield took him out. This are becoming more rare and rare so we should all enjoy them.

–  Well WWE Main Event might not just be a test for WrestleMania 30. WWE sent out a survey via email today and it was asking fans about a possible new wrestling show on Tuesday nights. Some of the choices that were included in the survey were Live Wire, Adrenaline, Full Throttle and Tuesday Night Live. It did not say if it would be for the WWE network or not.

Andrews Take: I personally think that they should add no other show on the current WWE schedule in a week bases. I understand that they are a business and they need to make money. However You have a show Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Throw in the fact that the WWE Network is here, that would be over kill.

–  For those wondering about the free trial of the WWE Network, well it is over. WWE gave out a weeks’ worth (7 days) trial when it first launched. As of Monday that period has ended. However if you did not sign up last Monday and sign up now, then you can get a weeks’ worth free trial. Make sense? it’s just like Netflix and how they operate.

Andrews Take: If you have not at least checked out the network then what are you waiting for?

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