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Jim Ross On If WWE Has Another Great Commentator


– Jim Ross updated his blog over at and with the WWE Network doing pre and post shows on their they have two guys hosting it (Alex Riley and Josh Mathews) One commentator to another, JR gives his two cents in on their skills:

Impressed with Alex Riley on the pre-game and post-game ‘panel’ on the WWE Network. Alex comes by his talking skills naturally and seemingly has a long, productive future in his current role. I enjoyed working with Alex in NXT and feel he’s a potential star on the Network.

Host Josh Mathews also seemed more comfortable in his host role on the panel but the panelists talking over each other endlessly needs to lessen. I think that these pre and post-game shows have unlimited potential. I like the casting of Mathews in this new role.

Andrews Take: They have potential, but do they have the skills to be the next Jim Ross? No not even close. There is only one Jim Ross.

– Here is the current line-up for today’s schedule of the WWE Network. NXT is a new episode and Superstars as well.

12am EST – Best of RAW – 3/25/2001

2am EST – WrestleMania Rewind – WrestleMania 3

3am EST – WWE Countdown – Catchphrases

4am EST – WWE Countdown – Entrances

5am EST – WCCW – 10/14/1982

6am EST – Legends of Wrestling – Worst Characters

7am EST – Old School – 10/27/1991 MSG event

9am EST – RAW Flashback – 4/11/1993

10am EST – RAW Flashback – 4/18/1993

11am EST – WrestleMania 25

3pm EST – WWE Superstars replay

4pm EST – WrestleMania I

6:30pm EST – Best of RAW – 3/25/2001

8pm EST – WWE Main Event replay

9pm EST – WWE NXT new episode

10pm EST – WWE Superstars new episode

11pm EST – WWE Main Event replay

– Shane Douglas who is in the middle of keeping “Extreme Rising” alive did a interview with Chris Van Vliet from WOIO. The “Franchise” talked about CM Punk, WWE, ECW and Vince McMahon. Check it out below as it’s a really good interview:

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