Possible Post WrestleMania Plans For Daniel Bryan (Champion?)

– Current plans that we are hearing is that John Cena and Daniel Bryan will be number one and two babyfaces (good guys) in the WWE from now on. CM Punk was number two good guy in the WWE and in merchandise. With Punk gone for the see able future and Bryan having the following that he does, It only makes sense. Now with that being said, there is speculation that Bryan maybe added to the world title match at WrestleMania 30 and win it.

Andrews Take: No surprise here, Cena will be number one for some time just like Steve Austin and the Rock were back in their day. Bryan is mega over with the fans and it would only be right that he be put in the main event picture. Cena needs to get healthy and then go from there.

– As reported earlier, WE Main Event will be going live every week on the Network. The show usually airs at 8pm EST only when they are on the east coast. However when they tape on the west coast the show could air as late as 10pm EST. Only east coast tapings would start at 7pm EST, Main Event could air on a delay.

– Since the idea of a WWE Network was talked about in 2011, there has been talks of bring back the cruiserweight division for a show on the Network. According to sources, there are no plans of bring back not only the division, but let alone a show about it.

Andrews Take: I have no interest in a cruiserweight show or the division be brought back. WWE has the mindset of big men and giants, they tried it before and if you remember their last champion was Hornswoggle.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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