MVP & Austin Aries Speaks On TNA Lockdown PPV

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– Austin Aries spoke with The Rack about this Sundays TNA Lockdown (Wrestling INC broke down the transcript for this interview) here are the highlights:

Appearing at this Sunday’s Lockdown PPV:

“I’m going to be locked inside a steel cage; it’s going to be 4-on-4 and I’m aligned with Team Dixie. Bobby Roode is the team captain and the BroMans, the World Tag Team Champions, are our partners as well and we’ll be facing off against Team MVP and he’s got the Wolves along with a returning Jeff Hardy. There’s a lot at stake; there’s been a power struggle within the company between Dixie and MVP and the stakes are that winner gets operations of the company.

“A lot of people are a bit surprised or disappointed by my decision to align myself with Team Dixie but I put out a tweet shortly after that happened that I’m not really on Team Dixie or Team MVP, I’m on Team Aries. I’m typically a guy who goes out and does things for me and in this situation, for right now, and we’ll see how thing play out, but for right now I felt this was my best bet.

“The reality was this: there were two sides where I couldn’t fully trust either side but at least the devil I know is on the right hand, and guys I’ve worked with, like Bobby Roode who have a lot of history in this company. Again, things will play out the way their supposed to play out and then we’ll make decisions after that.”

MVP and the Wolves coming into TNA:

“I think it’s important for any company to keep their product fresh and that really in any facet; whether you’re talking food companies or clothing lines or whatever it might be, in this case entertainment. You want to keep things fresh, you want to keep recycling and cultivating the product so that nothing gets stale. Right now, I think you’re seeing an influx of a lot of really good talent, some really talented people that all bring something to the table, so that’s exciting for the fans.”

– Speaking of MVP, he spoke with Orlando Sentinel and click next for the interview:

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