John Cena Gives Injury Update, Batista To Be WWE Champion For Six Months?


– John Cena posted the following on Twitter about his injury that we have been reporting:


Not asking to be saved hombre. I life my life by my code. Rookie mistake giving me 2 weeks to rest. Time to see if this dog is all bark.

— John Cena (@JohnCena) March 8, 2014


And yes rumor mill folks. Both left groin was strained and fluid in right ankle. Hobbled thru it. Ice and device called MarcPro got me back

— John Cena (@JohnCena) March 8, 2014


Wasn’t gonna hobble down road to @WrestleMania #evenstronger #nevergiveup

— John Cena (@JohnCena) March 8, 2014

Andrews Take: Cena is a war horse, he fights through any and every kind of injury you can think of. I think that him putting over Bray Wyatt is key to the success of Bray Wyatt. If they go the route where Cena is the hero for the WWE again, i do not know if Bray can handle that character wise.

– Last night on Smackdown WWE confirmed that the Undertaker will appear on Raw this Monday night to respond to Brock Lesnar and promote their WrestleMania 30 match.

– Hulk Hogan will also be on Raw to announce a major announcement.

Raw is airing live from Memphis, TN this Monday.

– WWE officials are current in talks on who Batista will face at Summerslam. Right now the idea is for him to hold the title up until the PPV which is in August. The top names that are floating around is John Cena or Daniel Bryan. Cm Punk was in the conversation, but with him gone from the company he is automatically out.

Andrews Take: With already negative feedback with Batista and the crowd reactions. The idea of having him champion and top of all major story lines is sickening. If WWE really expects their fans to care at all about him for six or so months, they are nuts. It will not work for the good, but rather the bad.

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