Opening Match For TNA Lockdown Revealed + Dixie Teaser

TNA Lockdown.2

– Dixie Cater tweeted out the following:



Andrews Take: Its a smart move on the part of TNA to get a exciting match going right off the bat. It will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts to the new talent appearing for the first time. – Speaking of Dixie Carter, she is teasing a major return on tonight’s show:

– It looks like EC3 AKA Ethan Carter the 3rd will be issuing a open challenge on tonight’s TNA lockdown PPV. He was scheduled to face Kurt Angle, but those plans were changed due to Angle having knee injuries.



Andrews Take: There has been some speculation that it might be Tommy Dreamer who is an agent from the company. It would be a nice pop for him to come out and then have EC3 get a win over someone that the crowd respects. Either way we will find out later tonight.

– It was announced that Velvet Sky and Eric Young will be doing Q&A during tonight’s show:



Andrews Take: We will be having live play-by-play coverage of the event tonight and recommend everyone coming to check it out. We will also have a live chat room down below so everyone can interact.

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