TNA Lockdown 2014 PPV Under-Card Predictions & Thoughts

TNA Knockouts Championship Match: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Gail Kim
Andrews Take: Since Rayne has been champion it has not been anything special. I do not expect much here other than a quality match that these two girls can deliver. There is no real reason to the put the belt on Kim so soon after she lost it and i expect Rayne to get the W.

Prediction: Rayne Retains

Mike’s Take: This will be a good match. Rayne picking up the victory makes the most sense.

Prediction: Rayne retains


Gunner vs. James Storm
Andrews Take: This feud has been better than i thought. I do not like Storm picking apart Gunner’s background and crapping all over the military, but this is pro wrestling. He is a heel so he can do that stuff and it gets over with people. This is the way i would book it, have Gunner about to win it and then Storm hits him with the beer bottle to win the match and keep this feud alive.

Prediction: Storm

Mike’s Take: It’s put up or shut up time for Gunner. They need to make a move with him and the best thing for him is for him to go over on Storm here. Storm doesn’t need a victory, Gunner does.

Prediction: Gunner

Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson
Andrews Take: Up until this point Shaw has been the guy taking out Anderson. Not even the quick worded Anderson can keep up. This is not the best feud on the card, but i am interested into the Sam Shaw character. Can he wrestle? that is what i want to see. anderson gets his revenge.

Prediction: Mr. Anderson

Mike’s Take: Same as Gunner vs. Storm, Shaw needs a win, Anderson doesn’t. TNA has talked about starting over, letting Shaw, Gunner and Magnus pick up clean victories would be a good start.

Prediction: Sam Shaw


Bad Influence and Chris Sabin vs. The Great Muta, Sanada & Nakanoue
Andrews Take: The least interesting match on the card. I understand that TNA needs to give the new Japanese talent a spotlight. However you do not job out your most entertaining guys to them.

Prediction: The Great Muta, Sanada & Nakanoue

Mike’s Take: Great way to put the new talent from Japan over. These aren’t the most ideal guys to have lose a match on pay-per-view, but they deserve a PPV match. Also, who, other than The Wolves, would match-up as well with the Japanese talent? The answer is nobody.

Prediction: The Great Muta, Sanada & Nakanoue

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