TNA Lockdown 2014 PPV Main Event Predictions & Thoughts

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe
Andrews Take:
this is a real critical moment in TNA right now. Do they go against the fans and have Magnus retain. Or do they go with Samoa Joe who is the most over guy in the company right now? my money is on Joe who has been on a tear as of late and has showed that he is the right guy for the main event picture for TNA. He can do it all from wrestling to promo skills. I feel if they do not put the belt on Joe at lockdown then they will be going backwards instead of forwards.

Prediction: Joe Wins!

Mike’s Take: I like Magnus a lot. They would be killing his momentum if they took the title away from him now. He was over in Europe. He’s been over in the US for a while, just not to the same extent. The best way to get him over would be to give him a clean win over Joe. Magnus needs it, and TNA needs to give it to Magnus.

Prediction: Magnus retains

Lethal Lockdown Match: Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, The BroMans) vs. Team MVP (MVP, The Wolves, Jeff Hardy) Winner gets control of TNA Wrestling

Andrews Take: this is a match that feels like we have been here and seen it too many times before. It seems like TNA has terrible business sense as each year they have someone take over their company. I like MVP, however i do not completely think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yes he brings something to the table, but not main event status. Getting to the match, i do not see Jeff Hardy actually wrestling because his alter ego Willow will. Once again, the background story is not that interesting and so is this match. If they have Joe win in the main event then Dixie’s team will win or if MVP team wins then Magnus retain. My point is that there will still be a conflict after this PPV so this match does not matter storyline wise.

Prediction: Team Dixie

Mike’s Take: This match is very dependent on the title match. Like Andrew said, if Magnus retains, then Team MVP will this match. It just makes more sense for Team MVP to win, it’s hard to imagine Team Dixie winning and Bobby Roode and Austin Aries getting stake in the company. I also think Roode might turn face soon, going against Dixie. I’m very excited to see The Wolves first PPV match, and interested to see what happens with Jeff Hardy.

Prediction: Team MVP

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