More On Linda McMahon Inducting The Ultimate Warrior

– NXT champion, Adrian Neville spoke with WWE.com about what his goal is while being NXT champion:

“Right now is a very exciting time to be in NXT. In the wake of NXT ArRIVAL and the launch of WWE Network, we have a lot of eyes on us. People are excited about the next generation of WWE superstars and as champion I represent us all. I will be an example and show the world what NXT means. We’re young, hungry, dedicated, passionate, determined and highly skilled. I will encourage challengers and strive to be a champion the NXT roster and NXT Universe alike can be proud of.”

Andrews Take: I’m not sure that he will be a major player on the WWE main roster due to a couple of things. One he is not a strong talker. He is hard to understand and even he will admit that. His size, he is small and he is working where they want a land of giants. I enjoy his work, but he might not make it to the top of the roster.

– As we reported earlier, Linda McMahon will be inducting The Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame for this year. He broke the news this morning on Twitter. Some maybe surprised on this news, but those who know the Warrior it was not. He was close with the McMahon family during his with WWF. The original name that was thrown around to be the person to induct him was CM Punk. Due to Punk walking out on the company those plans got changed. Another name for speculation was Hulk Hogan would be inducting Warrior (Source: PWInsider)

Andrews Take: CM Punk was known as a big fan of the Ultimate Warrior and i think he would have done a good job with his speech. Hogan would be a strange one. They have bad blood and for them to try to play it off as nothing happened or water under the bridge kind of thing. Linda is a good choice not only for personal reasons, but she can also speak well.

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