TNA Lockdown Review: 6 Man Tag, Shaw – Anderson & Bobby Lashley Returns

The Great Muta, Sanada and Yasu def. Kazarian, Daniels and Chris Sabin

Andrews Take: A really good match that had the quality of an opener. I will admit that this match was better than i thought. Learning the names and putting together with their faces will be a challenge. Other than that it was a fine opener. I will not try to repeat myself too much on how some matches do not belong inside a steel cage, but this one really did not have to. Other than that, no other complaints. It will be interesting to see how far the Japanese starts go in TNA and more importantly how long they will be here for.

Mike’s Take: Perfect opener, very entertaining. I couldn’t agree more that this didn’t have to be in a steel cage, I would be totally okay with TNA only putting Lethal Lockdown and the title match in the cage. These guys should bring a lot to TNA and the X-Division.

Samuel Shaw def. Mr. Anderson

Andrews Take: The match was decent at best, but i was not expecting anything more than that. psychology was right on the money and Shaw dragging Christy Hemme was a nice touch on the ending of the match. Do not take what they did in the match from the overall quality of the match. This match was more of an emotional angle than anything. Shaw is nuts, Christy needs a restraining order and Anderson is trying to be the hero. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mike’s Take: TNA needs to let up on the screwy finishes. The second match of the show shouldn’t see a ref bump and the face getting screwed out of a victory. It was obvious that Hemme needed to get involved, but I think this whole thing got a little darker than it should have. Doing the things WWE won’t do can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing.

EC3 open challenge and its accepted by Bobby Lashley

Andrews Take: No doubt Bobby Lashley got a nice pop when he came out and i guess it’s nice to see him back. He was pushed to the max in WWE and nothing really came out of it. A forgettable run in TNA which was in 2009. He can be a positive for the company, but needs a few squash matches before he can get in a real program in my opinion. There is a feud for him already and that’s with EC3. Will it be more than a one night only thing is still to be seen.

Mike’s Take: Didn’t see that coming. Bobby Lashley is a nice surprise, not ideal, but nice. I’m sure he will squash somebody on Impact this Thursday and get rolling. TNA’s next pay-per-view, Sacrifice, is only 8 weeks away so we could certainly Lashley and EC3 meet there if TNA is patient enough with the build.

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