TNA Lockdown Review: Gunner – Storm, Knockouts Match & Uno - Manik

Tigre Uno def. Manik

Andrews Take: The match was an international flavor of wrestling i guess you could call it. The match was fine and totally different. They did what they could, but Uno did not gain anything from a win over Manik. Manik has not been used in lately and really was there to job. Uno has a potential to be x division champion, but will TNA actually use him is a different story.

Mike’s Take: I said in our preview that Bad Influence and Sabin matched up perfectly with Muta, Sanada and Yasu, well TNA gets another A+ for putting Manik with Tigre Uno. There are more impressive people to get victories over than Manik, but it was just about showing what Tigre Uno could do, and nobody could have highlighted that better than Manik.

Last Man Standing Match: Gunner def. James Storm

Andrews Take: The new and improved James Storm was a much needed upgrade. He is a more darker, but still keeps his redneck roots in his new appearance. This was a brawl rather than a match. It was what you would expect it to be and a nice match. I expect Storm to give a weak excuse in why he lost the match and this feud will continue on down the road.

Mike’s Take: This was exactly what it needed to be. Stipulation matches, like Last Man Standing, should come at the end of a feud, so this should be the end. However, I wouldn’t be upset if this went until Sacrifice. I just think that Storm fits well in the tag team division, while Gunner should be in the title picture.

Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne (c) def. Gail Kim

Andrews Take: Both women worked really hard and overcame a few sloppy moments early in the match, but really turned things around and finished with a strong match. This feud looks to be over with, but now the question is who can Rayne feud with from now on. Well i do not have an answer for that, but TNA should by this Thursday’s Impact.

Mike’s Take: Yeah, they tried. It was a respectable match, just nothing special. i think Rayne’s next step should be Lei’d Tapa. Velvet Sky and Alpha Female seem to have their own thing, that doesn’t leave many challengers other than Tapa.

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