TNA Lockdown Review: Joe – Magnus & Lethal Lockdown Match

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus

Andrews Take: Wow, there will be a ton of negative comments from the finish of this match. TNA wonders why they have a bad reputation and here is why. If you wanted Magnus to win fine, if you want interference fine. But to have someone like Abyss who is completely out of left field help out the champion who has been built so weak. Is the wrong call on the part of TNA. Let the negative comments begin and for good reasoning.

Mike’s Take: I get that old school people don’t want heels to win clean, but they have to some time. If this feud continues that’s one thing, but Magnus needs to go over clean on Joe, there’s no way around it. When I see Magnus, I see a babyface who could lead TNA for years. The problem is they ruin him if he never gets a clean victory, if they turn him face, nobody will buy it. Magnus has heat and that’s great, now let’s make him a real champion, Joe was the perfect candidate for that and they blew it.

Lethal Lockdown: MVP, Willow and The Wolves def. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Bro Mans

Andrews Take: There was a lot going on in this match and a ton of questionable things happening in this match. Jeff Hardy is Willow and we all know it. However him looking like a joke and the commentators was making fun of him and the entire gimmick in itself might not be the way to get him over. Bully Ray turning is out of the blue and there will be a ton of explanation on Thursday’s Impact. Overall this felt like a repeat of the past lockdown matches just with different wrestlers.

Mike’s Take: This just felt a little wacky until all 8 competitors and referee Bully Ray were in the cage. The double coast to coast from the Wolves, and the entrance where Willow just appeared standing on top of the cage were awesome. Not to mention the shock of Bully turning face in this match, it wasn’t shocking once he entered, but I didn’t see it coming going in. Very excited to see where this storyline goes now, what’s next for The Wolves and The Bro-Mans, Dixie and MVP, and of course Bully and Bobby Roode.

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