WWE Raw Getting Major Competion Later This Year


– Dolph Ziggler joined Ryback, Curtis Axel and Big E in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 30.

Andrews Take: In my opinion, I believe that there should be a wait limit to the Battle Royal since it is a tribute to Andre the Giant. Big Show will be added and I think he is the obvious winner. I like Ziggler and I respect that WWE wants all their superstars on the show. I just believe that since it is an Andre the Giant Memorial match that it should have only big guys.

Speaking of the “Show-off” Dolph Ziggler, he will team up with John Cena and Big Show on May 13th for a Smackdown taping and they will face The Wyatt Family. This will most likely be the dark match for the live crowd instead of an on air match.

The night before on Raw, the advertised dark match is John Cena and Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt in a Tag Match,

Right after this taping, the WWE crew will hop on a plane and go do an overseas tour.

– Chris Jericho has a new podcast up today:


– Not only does WWE have to compete with the NFL on Monday nights in August until December, CBS has announced that they are bringing their biggest show to Monday nights. The top comedy in all of network TV, the “Big Bang Theory”, which is on Thursday nights, is coming to Monday nights later this year due to CBS getting Thursday night football.

Andrews Take: Last Monday’s Raw did a 3.09 rating and that was with the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan appearing. Throw in the fact that its WrestleMania season and they do that rating. Now with NFL and the number one comedy on television right now coming to Mondays this is not good for WWE. Granted,  “Big Bang Theory” is only a half hour show, but that means WWE is losing viewers for thirty minutes. Losing viewers means you’re losing money.

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