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Road Dogg Injured, Concern Over CM Punk TV Appearance

– “Road Dogg” is suffering from a legitimately back injury. There was talk this past week of doing The New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 30. There was even an idea having the change happened at WrestleMania, but due to “Road Doggs” injury, they put the tag titles on The Usos. That is the reason the New Age Outlaws are not wrestling as of late.

Andrews Take: This makes a lot of sense why the Usos won the belts. Hopefully he can get healthy enough to compete at WrestleMania 30. The neither of the Outlaws have appeared at WrestleMania in a wrestling role since 2000. Even then they were not a tag team.

– CM Punk will be appearing on AMC’s The Talking Dead this coming Sunday night. We reported this last Sunday night. With Punk appearing on the show, which is his first appearance on TV since walking out on WWE, there is some major concern over what he would or could say about WWE. Also, there is said to be bitterness towards Punk due to him flying out to LA for the show, but would not even drive up to Raw in his hometown two weeks ago to meet someone face to face.

Andrews Take: There definitely should be some concern within WWE. However, for one I do not think WWE will be brought up at all in this interview. Another thing is I think Punk is too professional for that. Yes the guy who walked out is professional, but only in this matter. Him walking out was wrong and that’s the bottom line.

– WWE sent out the following:

“We would like to notify WWE Network customers using Xbox 360 of an issue accessing certain pay-per-views and classic content after launching the WWE Network app for the first time. We are aggressively working on a solution. In the mean time, if you are experiencing this issue, please do the following:

Go to Xbox Settings.

Select Family.

Set the Content Controls to allow for TV-14 content.

Save the settings and restart the WWE app.

This should allow visibility to the missing content.

For further information, please visit our help center.”

– Also PS3 sent out the following:

“Sony Playstation 3 users may be experiencing an issue with the schedule on WWE Network. Following the daylight savings time change on Sunday, March 9, the WWE Network schedule on PS3 is listing shows one hour behind the actual air time. Although the schedule is one hour off, all live programming is airing at the correct times. You will see this issue resolved within the next few days. Thank you for your patience.”

Partial source: PWInsider

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