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6 Man Tag Team Division In WWE? JR At UFC Headquarters

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was spotted at UFC headquarters this week (Wednesday) as of now there is no reason on why he was there, but he has said he would be interested in commentating for the UFC in the past.

Andrews Take: There is no explanation that is justified for the reason that Jim Ross has not only been treated but also used in WWE. The greatest announcer in WWE history in my opinion has not commentated job right now. I would for him to go to the UFC. I think he could help out on the international markets and he also is currently working at Fox Sports with his weekly columns. TNA is too small for him and honestly, it feels like they are slowly dying, which I hope does not happen. has a new article up about having a six man tag team championship due to the company having more six man tag team matches than traditional tag team matches. Some WWE superstars (Goldust and Seth Rollins) spoke about the possibility of having those titles:

“There’s so many elements involved,” Seth Rollins explained to “There are six guys, all with different styles. The way those two teams interact with each other creates a lot of combustible elements that gets the energy higher.”

“It’s a different dynamic,” Goldust said. “Six-Man Tag Matches are good to have on the show, because they’re very exciting.”

Andrews Take: BAD IDEA. Just because you have the Shield and the Wyatt’s have awesome matches does not mean they should make a division about it. The Shield is in all of them and is about to split. If they did create it, their man wrestlers would be broken up. Now if you put 3MB as the champions then go right ahead. Maybe even Los Matadors, does that sound like a good idea?

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