WWE Diva Natalya Talks: Total Divas, Summer Rae & More

WWE Diva Natalya appeared on Wild Talkradio.com to hype up Total Divas and here are some highlights:

Slapping Summer Rae in the Season 2: “Yeah, I never really, like I said, I never wanted it to get that far but of course she kind of brought it on herself and now we’re going full circle with it, so definitely people were excited to see it. She’s really, really someone I want to put the Sharpshooter onto every day. But the show is great because it gives people a chance to see we’re not perfect and that’s one of my favorite parts about doing ‘Total Divas’, is that I’m a perfectionist at heart. I’m a Type-A personality; I like to do everything, I like to have my ducks in a row but this show has really shown me and taught me that no one is perfect, and women especially, it’s ok to show people we make mistakes, that we’re human. And that being human is part of what makes people feel connected to us. It’s part of our likability and when I started to let go of those, let those walls down, it shows people that I make mistakes and I’m human. I have fears, I have insecurities, I laugh, I cry; all that and everything in-between. I think that is what is the really great think about this show; is that you see these larger-than-life entities and on ‘Total Divas’ you can see we’re really just like you.”

The popularity of the show:
“First of all, the show kind of caught fire in Season 1; it became extremely popular and people just got hooked on it because it’s such a fascinating show. It’s our lived behind the scenes in the WWE and it’s really entertaining because fans have never really gotten to see us in this light. But, in Season 2, you’ve kind of gotten to know us from Season 1 and it’s even like people have become more connected to us; they feel that relationship or that bond with us from Season 1. But Season 2 is even more dramatic than before; we have a new cast member, her name is Summer (Rae) and she definitely stirs things up a little bit. I’m not going to reveal too much but we definitely have some issues that we certainly need to get sorted out, hoping to get them sorted out in a professional manner otherwise she’s going to get bodyslammed by me.”
Thanks to Pro Wrestling.net for breaking down the interview.

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