I'm a Stephen Ajamie Guy

391042_669513702222_1633214458_nAllow me to introduce myself as the new writer to this fantastic wrestling site. I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was in my younger days all the way back to attending Wrestlemania 8. I’m a WWE die hard, so that’s where all my attention will go.

I know I know there are other wrestling promotions out there, but like I said, WWE is my home.  I remember back in the Monday Night War days, it was all about picking a side, and well, I was team WWF.  So that’s where I’ve stood for a while.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing plenty of live action such as Wrestlemania 8 and will be attending Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans. I hope to put together a great way of presenting that experience while down there, but I plan on being very overwhelmed by all of it.

Any suggestions on the best avenue to present that, I’m open to hearing.  Getting back to events I’ve attended, Summerslam 2008, Extreme Rules 2012 and even Survivor Series 2012. I need a Royal Rumble viewing to mark off the Big Four. I’ve seen Raws and Smackdowns along the way.

My fandom is one of a big passion for the creative side of things. I enjoy the wrestling aspect as well, and really that love has come more in the past couple of years. But I believe living through the Attitude Era has made me grown fond of the story aspect of it so much more.

How many of us wanted to just walk up to our boss and stun him ala Stone Cold back in the day?  Or put on a This is Your Life segment ala the Rock and Mankind.  Or drive a tank to enemy territory?  Those are the moments that I know I remember most, and while the wrestling is what made WWE get to where it got, the storytelling is what makes it what it is.

Most of the time, you’ll find me talking up those aspects of this entertainment business more so than who had a good wrestling match.  You can always follow me and my live thoughts on twitter @StephenA1181.  I will definitely have more opinions as I get to writing here, but I wanted to say hey and look forward to engaging you over time.

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