Official: MR. T In The WWE Hall Of Fame + WWE Star Given The Weekend Off

– It’s Official, Mr. T is a HOF’er, The following is an article from

“Mr. T pities anybody who isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame … because after playing a pivotal role in launching WrestleMania 30 years ago — the 80s star is finally getting his due.

Vince McMahon says … T will be this year’s celebrity inductee into the Hall of Fame, telling TMZ, “His WWE appearances were instrumental in helping to establish WrestleMania as the pop-culture phenomenon it is today.

Mr. T famously said he turned the WWE down for a H.O.F. Spot in 2009… but now the two sides have buried the hatchet — and the “A-Team” star will take his rightful place in the celebrity wing.

If you’re too young to remember — Hulk Hogan and T teamed up at the inaugural event … He also took part in a special boxing match at WrestleMania II against Roddy Piper.

The Hall of Fame ceremony airs on April 5 … and will air in its entirety on the WWE Network.

No word on who’s inducting T.

With Hogan recently returning to the company though — we’re guessing he’s a lock, brother.”

Andrews Take: this was expected and since he was in the main event for WrestleMania 1 it is fitting. I would bet my money on Hulk Hogan to induct him for sure.

– Santino Marella was given the weekend off and Dolph Ziggler took his place to team up with Emma to defeat Fandango and Summer Rae at this weekends live events.

Andrews Take: With such a hard schedule that WWE runs, Santino deserved a weekend off. Hell every superstar and Diva deserves a night off.

– This week’s WrestleMania Rewind features John Cena first two WrestleMania matches this Tuesday on WWE Network 9/8C. The matches are WrestleMania 20 where he beat the Big Show and then the following year at WrestleMania 21 where he beat JBL to win his first WWE championship.

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