WWE Takes A Shot At CM Punk + News For WrestleMania 30


– There was no mention or footage of CM Punk during Paul Heyman’s promo last night on raw when talking about Undertaker’s past opponents. Of course Punk challenged “The Dead Man” at last year’s show and lost.

Also, it was said that in Triple H’s line to Daniel Bryan about “not taking your ball and going home” was a shot at Punk.

There was a lot of backstage discussion among the talents at RAW on how good and healthy Punk looked while appearing on the “Talking Dead” Sunday night, according to PWInsider.

Andrews Take: Punk did not mention WWE as expected and no reason for him to. I just do not understand why WWE won’t let it go. It’s like a bad girlfriend not letting things go and she stalks you after you break up.

– It  was said on Raw last night that the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX will carry the Andre statue for the next year. It is being speculated that the match will be an annual thing from now on.

Here is the updated list of WWE superstars in the match:

*Big E


*Curtis Axel


*Alberto Del Rio

*Dolph Ziggler



*Damien Sandow

*Titus O’Neil

*Big Show

*Mark Henry

Andrews Take: There were rumors last week that this match may or may not air on the WrestleMania 30 pre-show. With the stars that are in it, i think they have to air it on the actual show.

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