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Is Sting Set To Sign With WWE Yet? Fake Police Offers On Raw?

- Sting is set to sign with WWE, it’s just unclear when that will happen. It is being reported by, that there are some within the company who feel that Sting just recently signed a deal, and will be debuting at WrestleMania 30. Others deny the claim, and say that he has yet to sign with the company.

Andrews Take: Sting is an Icon and a Hall of Famer. I think he has missed the boat, however in WWE. He had a few shots at making some money and make his moment in WWE. He waited and waited, i think he will appear one day in WWE. But the idea that it will be a big deal is not realistic.

- The fake “police officers” who appeared on RAW during the Triple H and Daniel Bryan segment on RAW Monday night were actually talents from Booker T’s “Reality of Wrestling” promotion which is down in Texas.

Andrews Take: WWE is finally on the road to WrestleMania and it is steam rolling big time. Love or hate Triple H, he can be an ass kicker and showed it here. He has finally recognized that he is a heel and Bryan is a face. Let’s go back to booking 101 and that is what you are seeing on Monday nights. Wrestling is simple folks, you have a good guy and a bad guy then let them fight and see what happens.

- Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods in the dark match prior to the WWE SmackDown tapings.

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  • Shawn Bronald

    Sting can and will draw money, just as any other Legend would. Can he still have a 5-star match? No. Is he a main event headliner? No. But will he pique interest and draw some attention? Of course!

    Sting vs. Undertaker will never live up to the hype (I believe that had the match happened 15 years ago it STILL would not have lived up to the hype), but it’s still a “dream match” and will be fun to watch from start to finish. The thing fans most want to see with this feud is how WWE builds it. They’re hands down the best at producing vignettes and promos for big matches. With the gimmicks these guys have, the build will be awesome.

    Of course, the match will be nothing more than a spectacle, but that’s all it needs to be. Each guy will hit their signature moves and finishers a couple times, several 2 1/2 counts and then finally Undertaker will be victorious (that is, if it happens at Wrestlemania). They’ll stand in the middle of the ring, shake hands, Michael Cole will talk very highly of these two great legends for their respective brands and the crowd will give a well-deserved standing ovation. Done and done.