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This is the new “WWE Network” section at Daily DDT!

Many of us have had the pleasure of going through some of the content that the Network has to offer, but it can be a very daunting task. We here at Daily DDT, are going to try and provide some sort of assistance.

This will be the place you can go for all the latest news on the Network, including edits, daily schedules, and soon-to-be uploaded content. However, we are also going to start three different sub-sections, “1993”, “Original Programming”, and “Random PPV”.

“1993” is going to be a progression of the year 1993, starting with the first episode of Monday Night Raw. It is going to go through Raw, and WWE and WCW pay-per-views. We will also throw in coverage of the ECW Hardcore TV’s , as they continue to get added. As more Raw, and eventually SmackDown and Nitro get added, we will move on to other years.

“Original Programming” is going to mostly cover WrestleMania Rewind and WWE Countdown, as well as Legends House when it debuts on April 17th.

“Random PPV” is for all you who go to WWE Network but don’t know what to watch. If this happens to you, you can go to our “Random PPV” section to get some ideas, and then follow along with our writer’s review. There will also be some retro-WrestleMania roundtable discussions put in this section as well.

We hope you enjoy the Network insight we bring, and we hope it enriches your Network watching experience.

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