AR's Truth: Shield Breaking Up, WrestleMania Dropped, MR T & More

The Shield Set To Split, Thoughts?

The Shield has been rumored to split for some time, they are like a couple who will argue and then make up. Of course they put on kick ass matches and will be missed when they are gone. The Shield will go down as one of and in some peoples opinion, the greatest factions in Wrestling history. Superstars move on, change storylines and develop their characters. This is a part of wrestling, but if they decide to keep them together, I would not mind.

Dish Network Dropping WrestleMania 30

Personally, I do not have Dish Network as my cable provider and i am a subscriber to the WWE Network so this does not apply to me. If you are a dish customer then you subscribe to the WWE Network if you want to see WrestleMania 30. It is a smart more by Dish to drop WrestleMania. The money is not going to be there like it has in years past and it draws a line in the sand.

MR. T In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Finally, we get a celebrity in the WWE Hall Of Fame that deserves to be in there. The likes of Pete Rose and Drew Carrey is wrong. Not only did MR. T wrestle in WWE he took part in the first main event in WrestleMania history. Throw in the fact he wrestled the year after that at WrestleMania 2 and everything that he did to combine Wrestling and rock and roll movement in the mid 1980’s, he so rightfully deserves to be in here.

Would You Rather See A Six Man Tag Between The Shield & The Wyatts or The Shield Vs. The New Age Outlaws and Kane?

Pretty basic question here, Of course, like most fans, I want to see The Shield vs. The Wyatts 3. It would be a classic WrestleMania match and really a show stealer. However, You have three well established and most likely Hall of Famers that needs matches on this card. While it is not necessarily what the fans want, it is what needs to happen.

Not too much big news, but next week will hopefully be busier. Thanks for reading and You can follow me onTwitter

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