John Cena Hypes WrestleMania 30 & The WWE Network

– John Cena appeared on Cavuto on the FOX Business Channel last night to promote Wrestlemania 30 and the WWE Network. Here are the highlights:

How Will The WWE Network Get 20 Million Viewers? He said the top, followed personalities are socialites and athletes, so he suggested a music video with a fancy wardrobe as Cavuto acts wacky, then they follow up with a sex tape (Joking)

His Twitter Following:Cena said it has to be the voice of the individual. He said that everyone has it, but it’s up to the personality to make it work. He said some have Twitter accounts set up and run by others, but for WWE talents, they set them up and run them themselves. He said that he does have corporate sponsors and programs, such as Changetime.com but he believes in the program and promotes it in a real way.

Andrews Take: John Cena was John Cena here. Expect more and more of these as we go along leading up to WrestleMania 30.

-Here is the rest of the schedule for the WWE Network:

11am EST – WWE Superstars replay
12pm EST – WWE NXT replay
1pm EST – RAW Backstage Pass replay
1:30pm EST – WrestleMania 28
5:30pm EST – Beyond The Ring – Mick Foley
8pm EST – WWE Main Event live
9pm EST – WrestleMania Rewind – WrestleMania X
10pm EST – WWE Countdown – Biggest Blunders
11pm EST – WWE Main Event replay

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