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It’s official, well now it’s official because there were rumors and speculation, but not confirmed. Well, now it is official, Lita will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year! OH wait that was confirmed? Well, even though we broke the story that she was going in a few weeks ago, we can tell you first that Lita AKA Amy Dumas is going into the WWE Hall of Fame next weekend and the person inducting her this year will be no other than Matt Hardy! Wait, no, sorry it’s Trish Stratus.

She wrote the following on Twitter:



Lita is a four time divas champion and her main/ best feud in her career was with Trish. The top two greatest women’s wrestlers in the history of Pro Wrestling in my opinion. Also, both WWE Hall of Famers! She was also the latest guest with Renee Young on the 30 Years of WrestleMania podcast:

– Dolph Ziggler did an interview with Toucher and Rich of the CBS affiliate in Boston this morning to promote tonight’s WWE Smackdown.

What’s An Average Day In The Life Of a WWE Superstar: “If I didn’t have media this morning I’d be working out. We were in Brooklyn last night for sold out Monday Night Raw and we were done at 11:30pm. We were on the road by 12 and maybe got here at like 3, 4 o’ clock. I had a 6am wake up to do some media for a couple hours. I’ll maybe catch a one hour nap, probably not. I’ll get into work. We’re always there way ahead of time and have the whole day to prepare, find a gym, workout and we’ll be at the arena all night until Smackdown is over. It’s a very busy day one way or another. The schedule never ends. There’s no offseason. There’s no breaks. It’s great. It’s nonstop and it’s a little exhausting, but we are nonstop doing over 300 live events a year. We’re always reaching out to another country. We’re expanding globally everywhere. The fans keep coming out to support us so we add shows whenever we get a chance. That’s why we’re so busy. The outreach goes out to kids, families, grown ups. We have a great family show that we’re very proud of. It’s a little different than the era a few years ago. You can bring grandma and grandpa, so we’re able to keep constantly adding shows and every year we do a few more.”

Andrews Take: WWE’s schedule is brutal and for him to be not only happy about it, but wanting more shows he has drive to the top guy.

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