Batista Mocked Backstage - Find Out Why

– Not just the WWE Universe is poking fun at Batista these days. Word going around is that Batista is regularly mocked backstage, but not to his face, for the way he dresses. It was also said another big joke going around at this past weeks TV tapings was Batista’s jeans ripping on Monday’s RAW from Brooklyn.

Andrews Take: Batista is taking a lot of flake for the way he dresses and i have no clue why. Who cares what he dresses like. No one criticizes you for the way you dress. I do not wear tight jeans and shirts that do not fit, but hey i am not batista and you are not as well.

Batista tweeted about the situation:


– The latest Beyond The Ring episode is Triple H’s “Thy Kingdom Come” DVD. It will be airing this Saturday night on the WWE Network.

– Former WWE creative member Court Bauer did an Ask Me AnythingQ&A session on Reddit.com’s r/SquaredCircle community. Here are some of the highlights:

His thoughts on Triple H’s role in WWE: HHH is in an impossible position. Every day he goes out there and people connect him to marrying Vince’s daughter. That’s unfair, but he’s done extraordinarily well in his position as WWE and believe WWE will be in good hands for the foreseeable future. The sample size is small but if you look at the talent he’s cherry picked and put through the WWE star making machine, it’s pretty solid: The Shield, The Wyatts and frankly you can go as far back as Orton, Batista and Sheamus to see he’s got a pretty great batting average as a talent selector. Not everyone is a home run, but he has a good track record thus far.

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