Fifty Year Anniversary of WWE DVD Review - PT 3 Transition Era

Like many WWE fans, I like to go back and watch wrestling DVD’s. Some are PPV, Collection and documentary about superstars / promotions. So I thought would check out the 50 year anniversary of the WWE DVD. Here is part three of our review.

PT 3 (Transition Era 1990-1995)

Everything was good in the WWE with their pay-per-view expansion, but all of a sudden things would change the WWE forever. In 1993, Vince McMahon was charge for giving out steroids to his wrestlers. Jake “the Snake” Roberts admitted that he used them, but never abused them for pain relief. Roddy Piper said the commission was just stealing money from WWE at the time. It’s interesting to see several talents comment on the fact that they used steroids back in their day. “Superstar” Billy Graham was shown alongside Vince McMahon just ripping him and saying that Vince gave out steroids.

I had never seen that clip from what it looked like a talk show at the time. Of course WWE defends it and so they should. Also, after the accusations were made against Vince, WWE puts out their first Steroid testing. This will lead down the line to their drug test. Also one side note they did bring in Jerry Jarrett to take the place of Vince in case he was convicted.

Coming off this trial, which Vince was acquitted, times were hard as the top talents like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair was gone. Younger talents were asked to put up to bat and hit a home run with guys like Bret and Owen Hart, Diesel, Shawn Michaels and Razor Roman. Also The Undertaker was a key in this reinvention. Jim Ross said it best, “It was almost like a restart button, we had to get younger stars” and that’s what they exactly did.

Undertaker stated that “we knew someone was going to be the big star, so who is going to take it” at this time 1994 you had that. Look at the young talent that became huge stars. As listed above those are all hall of fame superstars and they were just given the ball, which they ran with it.

In 1995, guys like Steve Austin and Triple H said that business was not good. This is the first time in any DVD that Superstars and WWE management has openly stated that they were in trouble. That speaks volume on how bad WWE was struggling at this time. It almost reminds you have how today is with guys like Triple H, The Rock, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker either retired or is close to it. WWE has to make new stars to have the promotion continue.

When WWE debuted Monday Night Raw in 1993 it was just a small and almost hole in the wall arena. That has since transitioned to the big arenas and has been going strong since.

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