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Vince McMahon Discusses The Future Of WWE & Who Will Be In Charge

Vince McMahon

WWE CEO Vince McMahon spoke with Forbes and here are the highlights:

Could a Another McMahon Run WWE In The Future: “I would like to see a degree of that. I just think as times go on, things will evaporate. Eventually Uncle Sam sees the benefit. You can’t do anything without Uncle Sam taking a huge bite of it.”

Never Being Truly Satisfied Despite His Enormous Success: Despite Vince’s exceptional professional accomplishments, he admits that he’ll never be satisfied, a trait that is common amongst the most successful people in the world. “I have a voracious appetite, for life and everything in it,” he said. “To a certain extent I will die a very frustrated man because I didn’t do this or accomplish that.”

How Hard Is It Pleasing The WWE Audience: Sitting next to the desk in his office at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut is a huge dinosaur skull – a gift from Triple H. “I look at it like it’s a really nice monster,” Vince said. “When you feed the monster, the monster is happy. The problem with that is, the monster grows. And as the monster grows, then the monster wants more to eat. And as long as you do that, everything’s great. And if you don’t provide the food, then bad things start to happen.”

His Thoughts On WWE vs. WCW: Regarding his ‘war’ with former rival Ted Turner, Vince expressed that he was pushed to his limits, saying “it came down to attrition” and “Who was going to burn out before the other guy did?”

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