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EX WWE Talent & Now ESPN Anchor Coming Back To The Company

After teaser after teaser, former announcer and current ESPN personality Jonathan Coachman seems to be going back to WWE in some way. According to sources, WWE looks to be either close to or has just signed a new deal with him. The idea is, would keep his ESPN job, but would do in-studio wrap ups for WWE. He would not be on Raw or Smackdown, but rather a news recap host for the WWE Network which would be perfect for him.

One idea thrown out would be for him to host a WWE talk show for the WWE Network. He was good in WWE and a pretty good anchor for ESPN now. It would only make sense for him to go to WWE.

He tweeted out this:



Then this:

Then more of a teaser:


It seems like he is going to WWE and i enjoyed him while he was in WWE. Also, it’s pretty cool for him to not only be on ESPN, but also WWE.

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