Fifty Year Anniversary of WWE DVD Review - PT 4 Attitude Era

Like many WWE fans, I like to go back and watch wrestling DVD’s. Some are PPV, Collection and documentary about superstars / promotions. So I thought would check out the 50 year anniversary of the WWE DVD. Here is part four of our review.

PT 4 (Attitude Era 1997-2002)

The WWE has once again slowly got their momentum back, but NWA which turned into WCW was going to bring down the giant. Now the “Monday Night Wars” is well documented so they really skipped through this which I’m glad. It comes down to this, WCW took all the top stars Razor Roman, Hogan, Savage, Diesel and got on Monday night’s to kick off the war.

For some time, WWE was the big kid on the block, then all of a sudden here comes WCW and they were kicking WWE ass in the ratings. This was a huge wake up call for WWE, All your top talent gone and ratings game which you are losing. At the time with the NWO and all the crazy things they were doing at the time really brought down WWE.

Things were so bad which the DVD skips to it, that Bret “The Hitman” hart who was their current champion, the contract was running out. We all know where this is leading to, the Montreal screw job. They give us the highlights and really Vince Russo sums it up very well.

Of course, this is the start of the Mr. McMahon and the “Attitude Era” with the famous “Bret Screwed Bret” segment with good O’le JR. They show that look, we are losing so let’s change something and so they did. The fans were begging for change and that’s what they got. From the risky stuff with the women to the hard hitting matches in the right, there was something for everyone who watched the show.

They skip to the tragic death of Owen Hart, They have Jim Ross tell a personal story of that night with others commenting on it. Undertaker said that Vince McMahon took it hard because he felt guilty about the incident. WWE has never talked about this accident which led light about how much of an impact it was for everyone.

They go on to skip around with the major highlights of this era that has already been well documented.

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