Photo: 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Rings Revealed

WWE gave the “WWE Universe” a sneak peek at the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame rings today. Inside of the rings it has the names of the WWE Superstars engraved into the ring, except for two.

Razor Roman and the Ultimate Warrior rings, they have different features. For Razor Roman, it has his real name engraved into it (Scott Hall) and the other is the Ultimate Warrior that has his symbol and his trademark phrase, “Always Believe.” Which you can see down below:

WrestleMania week photos 001 014

WrestleMania week photos 001 012

Andrews Take: The rings are very cool, but you have to expect that. Everyone has different beliefs in what WWE should have done with Scott Hall’s induction. Some will say he should have been inducted as Scott Hall and some say they did well with having him as Razor Roman. Personally, I think it’s a bit silly and unnecessary for them to induct a character rather than the person. Really, if you think about it and look it up, Hall was only in the WWF at the time under that character for four years. 1992 – 1996. As for the Warrior, he is really out there. Everyone has an opinion about him and if he wants a custom ring then go right ahead. I think all of the Hall of Famers should be able to do the same that Warrior did. Either their symbol or their name. It all cost the same.

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