According To Batista He Knew His Babyface Return Would Back Fire



Current WWE Superstar and number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, Batista spoke with The Washington Post to promote WrestleMania 30. Check out some interesting comments from the Animal:

Returning to the WWE as a Babyface:
“They told me that I was going to come back and be this huge Babyface. I said, ‘no, it’s not going to work.’ They said, ‘no way, they’re dying for you to come back.’ I said, ‘that’s going to last two minutes, just watch.’ And sure enough it did.”

His thoughts on the Fans hijacking the show:”They used to want to interact with the show, but now the crowd almost wants to be the show. Well, if you wanna be the show, take your a– to wrestling school, just like I did, just like everybody else here who is busting their a– and actually become part of the show! Don’t just sit in the audience and try to randomly steal the show.”

“If you just chant his name for no reason during everybody’s match — it takes away from the show, you’re missing a lot of good entertainment and it’s disrespectful to a lot of really good performers who are putting it on the line,” he says.

“Some people in wrestling don’t like that, those fans exist,” Meltzer says of the extremely vocal minority that often becomes a majority of the company’s biggest events. He notes that this outspoken fan base — which buys up tickets and packs arenas — has forced story lines to change.

Andrews Take: He has a good point with the fans taking over the show. If the match is boring, then chant boring. If Daniel Bryan is out there or the person he was feuding with at the time is out there then chant YES. However, do not chant something during a random segment or match. It’s annoying and uncalled for. If John Cena is doing a promo and you chant YES, then you and the rest of the fans looked like a dumb crowd. Come on man!

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