Hulk Hogan: "John Cena Should Turn Heel"

Hulk Hogan spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote WrestleMania 30 which is the Sunday night on the WWE Network and pay-per-view. Check out what the WWE fans have been saying for the past seven years:

Should John Cena heel turn? “He’s at the perfect time to pull a ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan on everybody. If he was to switch and take that hustle, loyalty, and respect and tell everybody how he was running game on everybody the whole time, he’d have another ten years wide open without even looking back,. So maybe in five years, it’s John Cena running the game on everybody.

His thoughts on Daniel Bryan: “When I look around the roster, Daniel Bryan is on one hell of a roll right now, but he gets beat to death every night he goes out there. The big guys just go out and stomp on him. Can he handle that for five more years? I don’t know. It’s anybody’s game at this point.”

When you look back at the early days of WrestleMania, are there any wrestlers who would fit in better today? Are there any differences in what it took to be in the main event back then compared to today?

I think you have to have it in your blood. If you want to be a top guy, back then, if you’re not up at 5bam and working out with Hulk Hogan, then you’re not taking my spot. The shortest day I ever put in was a 14 hour day, so if you weren’t out there putting in 14 to 18 hour days, then you’re not going to take my spot. I think Cena has this down to a science. He works harder, trains harder and does everything with more intensity than anybody out there today. You have to be totally dedicated to make it to the top. This has to be the priority over friends, family and everything. The only thing that can be in your focus is being the top guy.

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