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Backstage: Is Vince McMahon In Charge Of WrestleMania 30?

Vince McMahon

– If you plan on traveling to New Orleans then you are in luck. There are still discounted WrestleMania XXX tickets on Ticketmaster. As far as how many off the tickets are, well they are 43% off the list price. There are 3,300 WrestleMania tickets left on Stubhub. As far as how much, yeah, you could sit in the nose bleed section for a whopping 13 bucks.

– Vince McMahon makes the final decisions, but he has given the reigns over to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for the most part in the WrestleMania events, productions and more. This is more and more of Vince giving them power of WWE which is a good thing. He will never die and if he does, it will not be for a while, but someone needs to learn how this great business works.

John Cena did a recent interview with and he talked about what is his legacy?

What is your legacy?

I’m certainly not afraid to address the fact that there are a lot of people that enjoy my performances, a lot of people that don’t. I think the one thing that I’ve been consistent to over the years is the reason I go out there. I’ve openly said I love the WWE. I truly operate on a schedule of hustle, loyalty and respect. That’s the term on the T-shirt, but it simply means hard work, respect everyone, even though they may be your enemy, and be loyal to those who are loyal to you. That’s pretty much my ideology — so good, bad or indifferent. You know, I’ve been around for 12 years now, so when you come out and say that the first time, people may not believe it, but 12 years people, people are like, you know what, this is what this guy stands for. And I think Bray’s trying to do what he’s trying to do – he may see me in a different light or whatever, but he says he’s going to change the way people think about me.

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