Brock Lesnar Ends The Streak - People In Shock

Yes it is true the “Beast” was unleashed tonight at WrestleMania 30. He went into New Orleans and challenge the man who is 21-1. The Undertaker who is in many peoples eyes is the greatest of all time. Comparisons to Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, he is truly in the same class as those greats. On a night where Rock, Austin and Hogan was in the same ring at the same time. From the night where the youth went over on the elder. Brock Lesnar came into WrestleMania, who came into New Orleans, who walked the ramp inside the Superdome or as Hulk Hogan says the silverdome.

Brock Lesnar conquered the impossible, he beat the streak, he beat the man, he beat the Undertaker. Lesnar maybe not the most popular choice, maybe criticized due to his status. Yes he is a part timer and yes he might not have been the right choice. However someone had to do it. If you asked people who would you want it to be, i guarantee you that the majority would not have said Lesnar. Anyone but Lesnar, right? The people were in shock, the ahh in the air could be felt through the TV screen. Nobody wanted it to end, but it did tonight.

I cannot defend this decisions, i can’t go against it either. Lesnar is going to go back to Minnesota and come back whenever WWE calls again. However for the Undertaker that is not the case. He is going back to Texas as a retired man. He traveled and left New Orleans to different people. Taker is a great WWE Superstar, but now he is a former WWE Superstar. Taker is great and the WrestleMania streak will always be a top moment in it’s history.

Do not take this from a point of view that the streak ended, but more as an end of a era. The Undertaker is done, retired and that was his last match. It does not matter if you like it or not, just remember where you were when the streak ended.

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