Update: The Rock In New Orleans & Set For WrestleMania 30 (W/ Photo)



Update: According to the Wrestling Observer, The Rock is set for WrestleMania 30 which goes down on the WWE Network later tonight. He is scheduled for a live appearance at the biggest show of the year. Rock was in New Orleans on Saturday and was rehearsing a segment of some kind that will be taking place during the pay-per-view tomorrow night.

-Original: Put all the speculation and rumors to rest, the man, the most electrifying man of all time. The Rock is in New Orleans and at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. He posted a picture of him with his closest friends: Jim Ross, Steve Austin and Lilian Garcia. Check it out below:

The Rock

– Tomorrow WWE will be breaking the record in the New Orleans at the Superdome. Tomorrow will mark the day of the 33 year old record set by Michael “PS” Hayes vs. Junkyard Dog in front of 28,000 fans in New Orleans at the Superdome. On that day it was the American indoor wrestling attendance and gate record.

-John Cena did a recent interview with AMNY.com and he talked about his match with Bray Wyatt:

How are you doing to prepare for your match with Bray Wyatt?

This one is peculiar. You ask me any other WrestleMania opponent I’ve ever had, I’d be able to give you a clean cut shot: “John Cena’s going to walk into wherever and kick the holy hell out of somebody.” But the Bray Wyatt situation is different. He’s a difficult opponent to scout because I don’t necessarily know what he wants to do at WrestleMania. A lot of my WrestleMania opponents in the past want to simply win. Bray Wyatt has stated that the most important thing for him to do on April 6 is ruin my legacy and he’s also that that doesn’t necessarily come at the cost of defeating me. He’s done some very awkward stuff on “Monday Night Raw” at the cost of victory, having victory within his grasp or one of his family members having victory within [their] grasp and then just throwing away victories just to create an embarrassing moment, or undermining moment for me. So, it’s very been very difficult for me to scout Bray, very difficult for me to come up with a battle plan or a playbook and I think, from an outside perspective, that’s what makes WrestleMania interesting. It can be the first match that I’ve been in where I may win, but I may wind up the loser, if that makes any sense.

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