Will The Shield Break Up Tonight? + Sting - WWE Update


– As rumors will be, the Shield ultimate break is in the plans, but not for the time being. The Shield is set to face the New Age Outlaws at WrestleMania 30 tonight and they are advertised for a series of upcoming live events. They will be set to team up with John Cena and face different heels over time. For all you Shield fans, no need to be worried.

– Former NWA, WCW and TNA champion Sting is in New Orleans and will be signing Sunday at Wrestlecon.

The Sunday Wrestlecon plans will feature a live Kevin Steen Show, live Old School with Steve Corino, a Marty DeRosa countdown to Wrestlemania show and more.

Do not be surprised if you see a video tease for Sting on tonight’s show. Him appearing a pushing it, but it has been reported that Sting is close or already has signed with WWE. If had I to think of a way WWE is going to bring Sting back it would be like this. Having Taker defeat Lesnar tonight then later in the night have Sting video be played saying he will appear on Raw tomorrow night. Tease the match and have them build towards it for a year. Just like they did for Rock – John Cena in 2012.

– After all the bad blood between Warrior and Hulk Hogan, after all the negative comments that were traded between the two. Hulk Hogan tweeted the following last night:



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